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They're Not Here To Save Us

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I'm excited to announce that my novel, They're Not Here To Save Us will hit the stands this fall!

About the Book

They're Not Here To Save Us takes place in Arla, a heavily wooded region in what was once North America. Over a century ago, a war swept across the world and wiped out all power. Now the people of Arla must fend for themselves, fighting off raiders and cooking by campfire.

Catch-It is a young man roaming through the woods. He doesn't wear shoes because it's easier to climb trees barefoot. He travels light to move faster. Catch-It knows there are two rules to survival in Arla.

Rule One: Travel together

Arla is a dangerous place. A campfire might keep you warm at night, but it also attracts raiders. Moving in packs is a good way to make any one that's looking for trouble think twice. More than that, being part of a pack is a good way to let other people know that you are trustworthy. So when his sister and only companion, Peregrine goes missing - Catch-It will do anything he can to find her. Even if it means breaking the second rule.

Rule two: Avoid the Recruits at all costs

Some time after the War and Blackout, mysterious creatures appeared in Arla. Not much is known about them. It's believed that they came to help mankind return to its former glory. They do this by recruiting people to their cause. The Recruits are gifted with different powers. Some can control the weather and some can control fire. Some know the answer to any question. Others are monstrous in size and bulldoze through settlements. However they use their powers, it's supposed to be for the greater good. But Catch-It knows that just as often, the Recruits cause pain.

Catch-It's adventure

When an order sends Catch-It to a bell tower for recruitment, he must make a critical choice: During his arduous journey, Catch-It encounters Penny, a gun-wielding survivalist, and together they uncover a perilous truth about the Recruits that could prove fatal: they are not here to save us.

In this gripping tale of survival and self-discovery, Catch-It and Penny navigate a treacherous world, grappling with their own desires for safety and the pursuit of truth. As they unravel the dark secret of the Recruits, they must confront the difficult choice between submission and resistance, knowing that the fate of their shattered world hangs in the balance.

They're Not Here to Save Us is a story about agency, about choosing one's own destiny. It's about found families and what we owe the ones we love.

Creating this story has been a labor of love that began in the early days of 2020. I finished the first draft the day before COVID lockdowns. And like the rest of the world, this novel has been through quite a lot in the last few years. But that's not what matters. What matters is that in just a few short months, I can finally welcome you to the harrowing region of Arla.

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Lindsay Asher
Lindsay Asher
Aug 08, 2023

Congrats - This is incredible! Hard work pays off, can't wait to read it!


Aug 07, 2023

This is amazing. Proud of you Mike!

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