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M.P. Kidd

Author of They're Not Here to Save Us

"This fascinating and fast-paced epic debut boasts a truly unique and fully realized premise, a fresh take on heroes and monsters, and an engaging cast of characters led by Catch-It, a hero you will root for from the very first page" - Jon McGoran, author of the award-winning Spliced trilogy on They're Not Here to Save Us

M.P. Kidd is the author of the Science Fiction epic, They're Not Here to Save Us due out this Fall.

A lifelong scifi/fantasy fan, M.P. tells a fantastical story about survival, monsters, and choosing one's own destiny.

He draws inspiration from Alan Moore, Brian K. Vaughan, and Orson Scott Card. He is a featured writer in the Philadelphia area, contributing to tech and music websites.

He is an avid fan of Australian hip hop and has an impressive comic book collection.

When M.P. is not writing fiction, he is taking in a Phillies game with his fiance, Tori or walking his dog, Lady.

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